Special Purposes

French For Special Purposes

French for Special Purposes encompasses a set of methods that will quickly make employees efficient in their job, in French.

Each program is unique and tailor-made for the company that welcomes non French-speaking employees, by respecting their needs and specificities. The trainings are suitable for each targeted occupation, taking in consideration all of the situations of communication that the employees are facing in the doing of their job.

The methodology:

    • A preliminary meeting between the company and the teacher is necessary in order to set the language objectives of the learners and the time necessary for their acquisition.
    • A period of immersion of the teacher in the company is necessary in order to collect the essential materials for the elaboration of the training program: samples of written and spoken communication, documents that are used on a daily basis…
    • The program of each training in French for Special Purposes is tailor-made and takes into account the specificities of the company and its field of operations, the occupation of the students, and their language and culture of origin.
    • The evaluation of the students is occurring all along the duration of the training, taking the shape of written or spoken exchanges with the teacher or between the students. This method allows a daily follow-up of the students’ improvement, and a close guidance in order to quickly make up for possible language gaps.
    • A training certificate is delivered at the end of each program. It sums up all the French language skills that have been addressed during classes, and mentions the level of independence acquired by each student.


We adapt the pace and duration of our programs to your goals and budget. We offer trainings from 10 to 150 hours of lessons.


A 30-45 minutes individual interview will allow us to define your level and needs in French.


The French for Special Purposes fits to the needs of each company. Therefore, each estimate is unique and custom-made.

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