About us

L’Ecole Parisienne de Langues

French language classes for businesses and individuals.

The philosophy

L’Ecole Parisienne de Langues was created in order to help expats and foreign tourists in their daily life in Paris. Living in France is fascinating, but it’s often difficult to fit in without a proper knowledge of the French language and culture.

The concept

Here, no manuals or exercise books! How do you learn to order a dish in the restaurant? Well, by going to the restaurant!

We encourage a full language immersion. We strive to make the communication conditions in French as real as possible. Far away from classrooms, our classes take place in lively and warm environments that stimulate conversations: public places such as cafés, restaurants or parks, in Parisian hotels or even inside your company.

We offer numerous activities thanks to which you will quickly improve your French while having a lot of fun!

The methodology

We are offering an easy, playful and interesting teaching of the French language. Our classes are custom-built in order to answer your needs and linguistic objectives that you have set for yourself.

We are favoring the most innovating teaching methods, including the co-actional co-cultural method. We are focusing on the acquisition of precise language skills, in a short period of time. At the Ecole Parisienne de Langues, you will learn French « by doing » while having fun.

Our teaching puts a focus on the use of a very current and present-day French language.

Our story


L’Ecole Parisienne de Langues was created by Milena Koralczyk, a passionate of the French language and culture, fondly in love with the city of Paris. Milena came to France for her studies 16 years ago. Her credentials mix Literature and Linguistics. After graduating with a Masters degree at the Sorbonne University, Milena drifted away from the didactics of the French language for a while. She dedicated her skills to the advertising industry, where she managed marketing and communication services for nearly 10 years. Her professional career includes various areas, such as technology companies (Weborama) and on of the most important French media groups (Groupe Le Monde). Today, she is mixing her expertise in marketing to the one of teaching living languages, by offering innovative programs for French language learning.


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