Specialized French

Specialized French

This learning of the French language covers a specific professional area and gathers all of the professional communication situations regarding a job or a discipline. The aim is to provide more autonomy in French to someone doing his job.

The areas of expertise

L’Ecole Parisienne de Langues is specialized in these fields:

  • Commerce (from marketing to sales)
  • New technologies
  • Hotels
  • Catering
  • Asset management
  • Finance
  • Media and journalism

Other fields can be studied upon demand.

The methodology

The methods of Specialized French are close to the methods of « French as a Foreign Language », also used in our classes of General French. However, classes are here focused on situations of professional communication and pick up its codes.

Most of the times, our teachers come directly in the company premises to provide our programs of Specialized French. The trainings occur in little groups and allow each student to learn quickly in optimal conditions.

Our teachers aim to be flexible, and make themselves available at the time of you choosing so the classes won’t interfere with the working rhythm of the students.


Prices depend of the number of employees attending the classe :

1 to 3 person: €140 / hour

4 to 6 persons: €170 / hour

7 to 20 persons: €190 / hour

Namely from €19 to €140 / hour / person

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