General French

General French

Some of the non French-speaking employees will work mainly in English or in another language. However, they will need to improve their French in order to fully enjoy their daily life in Paris and quickly fit in with their team. Learning French strongly contributes to the well-being at work as well as it reinforces team cohesion.

The Methodology

We are using the set of learning techniques of “French as a Foreign Language” to provide classes of General French to the companies.

We focus on situations of communication “between colleagues” in order to facilitate a quick integration of the employee into a team of mainly French-speaking people.

We also focus on daily routines that make life in France easier: we will cover topics such as the administrative processes, grocery shopping, going out, health…

French culture is also at the center of this training. Students are encouraged to observe it and acquire all the codes that rule the verbal and non-verbal communication in France.

The evaluation of the students occurs all throughout the duration of the training, taking the form of written or spoken exchanges with the teacher or between students. This method allows a daily follow-up on each students’ improvement, while maintaining close guidance in order to quickly make up for possible language gaps.


We adapt the pace and duration of our programs to your goals and budget. We offer trainings from 10 to 150 hours of lessons.


A 30-45 minute individual interview will allow us to determine your level and needs in French.


Prices depend of the number of employees attending the class :

100€ (excl. tax) / hour for individual classes

120€ (excl. tax) / hour for classes in pairs

130€ (excl. tax) / hour for mini group classes (3 employees maximum)

+15€ (excl. tax) for each additional employee

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