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Specific Purposes

Classes that allow each employee to use its professional abilities in French. Each program is unique and built for the company that welcomes foreign employees, by respecting its needs and specificities.

The French for Special Purposes fits to the needs of each company. Therefore, each estimate is unique and custom-made.
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Specialized French

Classes that fit with the different specialties of the foreign employees. Our expertise covers a wide range of professional areas, from sales & marketing to hotel & catering, management & finance, technologies…

Prices depend of the number of employees attending the classe :

1 to 3 person: €140 / hour

4 to 6 persons: €170 / hour

7 to 20 persons: €190 / hour

Namely from €19 to €140 / hour / person

General French

Some foreign workers will work mainly in English. However, they will need to improve their French in order to fully enjoy their daily life in their new country and quickly fit in their team.


Prices depend of the number of employees attending the classe :

1 to 3 persons : €120 / hour

4 to 6 persons : €140 / hour

7 to 20 persons : €160 / hour

Namely from €16 to €120 / hour / person

Individual program

Tailored classes for those who have specific needs and numerous professional constraints. Our teachers will show a great agility and adaptability in order to guarantee quick improvements in the chosen fields of competence.

Each program is individual and unique, therefore each estimate is custom-made.
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