VIP program

Individual VIP Program

Each of our tailor-made French business programs is made for people with very specific needs, sometimes on top of various professional constraints. Our teachers aim to be flexible, in order to guarantee quick improvements in the chosen areas of competence while still respecting your professional rhythm.

The Methodology

Here, we use the method of “French for Special Purposes”, pushed to its limit. The teacher will take all the factors into account: the activity area, the company, the job of the student, their regular interlocutors, and the communication skills needed to improve.

Whether it’s about the creation of a new structure or a new service, the management of a team, the preparation of public speaking or negotiations with recipients or clients, the teacher will become a real coach in French.

You choose the location of the classes and you decide the pace with your teachers in order to reach the goals that were set within the deadline.

Your evaluation occurs all along the duration of the training, taking the form of written or spoken exchanges with your tutor. This method allows a daily follow-up of your improvement, while maintaining close guidance in order to quickly make up for possible language gaps.


We adapt the pace and duration of our programs to your goals and budget. We offer trainings from 10 to 150 hours of lessons.


A 30-45 minute individual interview will allow us to define your level and needs in French.


Each program is individual and unique, therefore each estimate is custom-made.

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