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Votre porte d’entrée vers la maîtrise de la langue française

Bienvenue à L’École Parisienne de Langues, votre partenaire pour l’apprentissage du français à Paris. Nous sommes déterminés à vous aider à atteindre rapidement vos objectifs linguistiques avec des cours personnalisés et des enseignants expérimentés.

Pourquoi choisir L’École Parisienne de Langues :

  • Cours personnalisés pour les entreprises et particuliers.
  • Cours de français professionnel et général adaptés à tous les niveaux, du débutant à l’avancé.
  • Enseignants natifs et qualifiés pour vous offrir la meilleure expérience d’apprentissage.
  • Cours flexibles, y compris des options en entreprise ou en ligne, pour s’adapter à votre emploi du temps.
  • Atmosphère d’apprentissage accueillante et encourageante.
  • Des centaines d’élèves satisfaits qui ont atteint leurs objectifs linguistiques avec nous.

Notre méthode d’enseignement

A L’École Parisienne de Langues, nous croyons en une approche pratique de l’apprentissage des langues. Nos cours de français à Paris sont donc conçus pour vous immerger dans la langue française, en mettant l’accent sur la communication authentique. Vous apprendrez rapidement à parler, à comprendre et à vous exprimer en français de manière naturelle.

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Commencez votre voyage vers la maîtrise du français en prenant un rendez-vous en ligne avec l’un de nos conseillers pédagogiques. Ils vous guideront à travers nos programmes, répondront à vos questions et vous aideront ainsi à choisir le cours qui convient le mieux à vos besoins.

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Découvrez les témoignages de nos étudiants :

Jeongmin CharronJeongmin Charron
10:41 12 Sep 23
Alix DebonAlix Debon
15:39 05 Sep 23
Ecole Parisienne is by far the best school I have been working in for over 4 years!
Allison WeinbergAllison Weinberg
04:24 24 Aug 23
My 17 year-old daughter and I had the great pleasure of being able to take 12 hours of classes at l’Ecole Parisienne this July/August 2023 during our 12-day vacation in Paris.I was a French language and literature major in college and spent several summers living and working in Paris. However, that was almost 30 years ago! I have since forgotten a lot of my French and desperately wanted to take language immersion classes as part of our trip. My daughter has taken 6 years of French at school. Although she was not thrilled about spending any part of her summer vacation in class, she agreed to come along, mostly to avoid an argument!THE CLASSES WERE FANTASTIC and were the highlight of our entire trip (perhaps tied with The Crazy Horse 😂)! Our instructor Alix was phenomenal. Each 3-hour class felt like 30 minutes because we were having so much fun, and I was sad each time we finished for the day. Alix had a tremendous amount of positive energy. What she taught us was extremely useful. The balance between grammar and speaking was perfect. My daughter commented repeatedly that Alix was by far the best French teacher she has ever had (I hope her school teachers are not reading this…!). And I would agree: that Alix was able to explain the most complicated topics in a very simple and clear manner. Grammar questions we had had for years were finally answered in minutes.Alix is also a wonderful person, extremely kind and fun to get to know. We were very lucky to have her. I plan to continue classes online with her this fall, and I am already trying to figure out when I can get back to Paris for more classes at the Ecole Parisienne!A huge thank you to Milena and Alix for putting up with these difficult Americans with a smile! ❤️🥰
Drew MDrew M
21:01 20 Aug 23
Irene PiacentiniIrene Piacentini
15:31 28 Jul 23
Amazing school! Professional, competent and friendly teachers, interesting classes tailored to each individual or group.I couldn't thank Milena enough for the past year - my French improved greatly thanks to her, and we also built a very good personal relationship. There's a lot of different ways to go about learning anew language or improving your skills, and Milena has been able to make each class a fun and interesting experience, integrating grammar, vocabulary, and cultural/historical notions, as well as fun workshops. This is exactly what I needed personally.Highly recommended!!!
22:20 26 Jun 23
Simply my best experience of learning French so far! Amazing place!
Adrian HuberAdrian Huber
14:20 07 Jun 23
I had the most incredible experience at Ecole Parisienne de Langues, owned by the wonderful Milena. This language school truly exceeded all my expectations and I cannot recommend it enough. From the moment I started my classes, my French level increased exponentially and quickly, thanks to their innovative and immersive teaching methods.What sets Ecole Parisienne apart is their unique concept of learning French while having fun and engaging in activities that align with your interests. Gone are the days of boring textbooks and rigid classroom settings. Instead, they create a vibrant and dynamic learning environment by taking their classes to lively and authentic locations like cafes, restaurants, parks, and even Parisian hotels. This not only makes the learning experience more enjoyable but also provides direct interactions with French people, allowing for real-life conversations and cultural immersion.The methodology employed by Ecole Parisienne is truly exceptional. They have mastered the art of making language learning easy, playful, and interesting. The classes are customized to meet your specific needs and linguistic objectives, ensuring that you make significant progress in a short period of time. Their focus on the acquisition of precise language skills through practical application is remarkable. You don't just learn French theory; you learn by doing, which makes the whole process engaging and enjoyable.The dedication of the teachers at Ecole Parisienne is evident in their commitment to providing the highest quality of education. They use the most innovative teaching methods, including the co-actional co-cultural approach, which fosters a deeper understanding of the French language and culture. The use of current and present-day French ensures that you learn the language as it is spoken in everyday life.I was also impressed to learn that Ecole Parisienne de Langues has received the Qualiopi certification in June 2021, and their training actions have been assessed to meet the highest standards of quality. This certification further solidifies their commitment to delivering excellence in language education.If you're an expat or a foreign tourist looking to enhance your daily life in Paris through learning French, Ecole Parisienne is the place to be. Milena and her team will not only help you master the language but also make your experience in France truly unforgettable. Prepare to have a blast while improving your French skills, and be ready to explore the beautiful city of Paris in the most authentic way possible.
Eleonora GalliEleonora Galli
20:48 03 May 23
My expérience at L'Ecole Parisienne was delightful.The staff is really kind, professional and competent. They are always willing to provide you with the best tool to learn. I attended one-to-one lessons and the learning path was tailored to my goals. I found it very effective and my French improved greatly.I do not hesitate to recommend L'Ecole Parisienne de Langues !Thank you Milena and Alix!
shailesh motashailesh mota
09:14 25 Dec 22
I progressed greatly in my spoken french level with L'école Parisienne de langues. The teachers cater to your level and adapt to your language needs. One of the best language learning experience for me so far and I can't wait to get back to improve my french level.
Efe EjemudaroEfe Ejemudaro
17:54 23 Dec 22
c'est une tres bonne experience. The tutor moved at my pace and made me comfortable to express myself in French. Learnt a lot about the french culture and Language. Here's an extra star ⭐️
Marcos SampaolesiMarcos Sampaolesi
08:45 08 Aug 22
I've been taking 1 year and a half of Classes in this Ecole as it was included in the compensations package of my enterprise. Very recommend!, method is super flexible and dynamic, highly recommended for workers. And Martine if the best teacher! 🙂
Andrijana IVANOVICAndrijana IVANOVIC
14:37 01 Jul 22
Best language school and programme i've ever seen/experienced.Person is truly prepared to live and adapt to french culture, society and learn both grammar and langue quotidienne.Fun, motivating, and educative. Merci Milena!
Polina BeliakovaPolina Beliakova
09:08 17 Jun 22
I have been living and working with France for about 2 years now. Since the beginning and up until now I have been taking courses with École Parisienne. It has honestly been an amazing experience: on every lesson we learned a lot about culture, history, day-to-day life. For me it was very valuable that we were learning the language while learning tons of things about France. The courses were live and exciting, I was (and am) really looking forward to each one of them. Huge shout-out and thank you to Milena who has been my teacher and friend during this journey. I really recommend learning French with école parisienne if you want not only to get the essential knowledge but to also have fun and learn more about “modern” French & culture.
15:52 21 Dec 21
I came in Paris this year with completely no French language knowledge - thanks to Milena, I was looking forward to every French lesson and I have made a significant progress already in 6 months with her help. 5 stars:)
A Google User
A Google User
15:52 21 Dec 21
I've been taking 1 year and a half of Classes in this Ecole as it was included in the compensations package of my enterprise. Very recommend!, method is super flexible and dynamic, highly recommended for workers. And Martine if the best teacher! 🙂
Stéphanie O'DeaStéphanie O'Dea
09:22 10 Mar 21
I've lived in Paris for 9 years and have always been so ashamed of my French level, I was just totally stuck in feeling really bad about the whole thing and totally overwhelmed every time I tried to make progress. I've had so many teachers over the years but never found the right one until NOW. Such an amazing change - I love my lessons and do extra work just for the fun of it, and the positivity and constant work that goes into the classes is amazing. Genuinely can't recommend L'Ecole Parisienne de Langues highly enough.
Renee SpencerRenee Spencer
09:55 25 Jun 20
We love L'Ecole Parisienne de Langues! So lucky to have found them.Excellent choice for learning or improving your french skills. Outstanding instructors. We were matched with 2 teachers who have created interesting lessons that blend french culture and language. You can make great progress by having real world experiences incorporated into your learning process. We have continued our lessons during "la confinement" and the online classes have been equally productive and enjoyable. Highly recommend this school and their programs.
Shumin DaiShumin Dai
21:20 17 Jun 20
My French level was not too bad as I have lived in France for many years now. My company offered 1 to 1 classes from Ecole Parisienne so I participated, only did I discovered another level of learning a language. I can honestly say it's not a traditional language school that you learn grammars or vocabulary. The classes are tailored to my needs, a lot of discussions on culture, news, debate of opinions, business, slangs etc. Teaching materials were collected from such a wide variety of resources, from pop musics, newspaper, trendy books to magazines and websites. I look forward to every class because they are simply interesting. This is beyond language training, but culture integration as well as professional training. I recommended it to everyone who have a certain level of language and who determines to become a little bit 'French'.
Jeanne ConryJeanne Conry
18:44 05 Feb 20
I have moved part-time to Paris to help my daughter and granddaughter. I want to become comfortable with the French language and independent in my needs. L’Ecole Parisienne is helping me do just that. It is practical, comfortable and engaging. Milena is a great and patient teacher
Elya AssayagElya Assayag
08:36 02 May 18
I've studied French with Milena from l'École Parisienne for two months and it was just perfect! Milena was so professional but also super nice and pleasant at the same time. The material that the school uses are great and very useful. I've learned so much during those months and it was absolutely a great pleasure.
Dorota Lasecka-PękDorota Lasecka-Pęk
09:10 22 Jan 18
I had 3 months of intensive French learning at L'Ecole Parisienne for professional purposes. A flexible form of education, which is full understanding of my needs. Each lesson implements 100% of themes that I need in my everyday professional life. Fast learning effects.

Apprenez le français et d’autres langues avec L’Ecole Parisienne

L’Ecole Parisienne de Langue propose également des cours d’autres langues vivantes, notamment :
anglais – espagnol – italien – allemand – russe – polonais – arabe – mandarin/cantonnais…

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